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  1. Welcome to our forum!
  2. usage of Zoom
  3. Output-format
  4. Version 4.0 released!
  5. Upgrading from 3.x to 4.0
  6. Language (ZLANG) files and translations
  7. FTP
  8. Spider Mode not indexing all pages
  9. Max. file size scanned (ZOOM 3.1 vs. ZOOM 4.0)
  10. Licensing
  11. Problems searching on .pdf filenames
  12. PHP / CGI script returns no results on Apache RLimitMEM & RLimitCPU
  13. Categories
  14. Spidering sites with user name and passwords, authentication
  15. Searching a database without links
  16. Suspected Category Bug
  17. deleting zdat files
  18. Problems with Windows 98
  19. Adding File Size as a result element
  20. excluding sub folders
  21. List of start points
  22. working search screen
  23. Skipping sections of a page
  24. Calling the Zoom CGI from a Servlet
  25. scheduling index - can I ftp only the updated data files?
  26. site secured with different cookies
  27. Custom version of search.asp script
  28. Zoom config error: The zoom_datetime.zdat file is invalid
  29. Searching for documents by File Path
  30. Error 800a03ea
  31. Seaching quoted strings within a Meta Description
  32. ZOOM 4.0 Build 1004 Installer overwrites languages files!
  33. keywords
  34. Mod Re-write
  35. Any way to get beyond the Max Unique Words/Memory usage?
  36. jumbled search results
  37. PDF plugin Error
  38. ASP Error 8002801d "Library Not Registered"
  39. Logging issue in Zoom 3
  40. New window or not?
  41. Page Boost does not appear to work?
  42. Input field active - setting the focus on page load
  43. problem: page number too big. stopping.
  44. FTP Username
  45. Keywords on Properties -> Summary Tab
  46. can you install and run zoom on a web server?
  47. date on results page
  48. MySQL Database searching
  49. Newbie questions re: exclusions
  50. PDF - Displaying Title Meta Data
  51. Download plugins
  52. New window if search button is pressed
  53. Search results page descriptions are all the same
  54. Template images and form codes
  55. Auto-Generated Sitemap?
  56. Can't enter data into the submit Field
  57. A few questions...
  58. Category Menu displaying the category twice
  59. Norton Antivirus Worm Protection alert
  60. Many files indexed, then only a few
  61. Indexing tooltips
  62. Word plugin with other extension
  63. CGI error - specified CGI application misbehaved
  64. indexing result links incorrect
  65. vBulletin Forum
  66. how to modify search form on a template???
  67. Include File in Search_Template.html
  68. Plugins
  69. Newbie question! - Where is search box or a submit button?
  70. How dow we add a title and a description to a php file?
  71. Cannot modify header message when adding scripting
  72. CD with custom search fields possible?
  73. Search Statistic question
  74. Tip: Preset search / Preset search options
  75. How to Install the search onto your web site?
  76. Auto-index changed pages
  77. Search result highlighting in document
  78. Firewall and FTP
  79. How to add a graphical image to the submit button
  80. PDF's not ALL getting indexed
  81. Strange Error searching for parenthesis
  82. database driven search
  83. How to get the result page in a chosen table (td)
  84. Authentication
  85. Links to local files do not work
  86. I'm having the same problem...
  87. Premature end of script (CGI option), Error 500?
  88. Zoom scheduler not working
  89. Scanning folders ??
  90. Problem Generating Search Logs
  91. CGI Script editing
  92. Setting document dates
  93. If I add more sites, Zoom indexer doesn't scan all sites?
  94. Strange search results
  95. search CD using cgi
  96. partial search wild cards
  97. Search results for grouped words should be higher
  98. How can I add categories to a custom page?
  99. Change Layout with CSS Styles
  100. Hosting company I can use for CGI version?
  101. Custom Page on No Results
  102. Zoom Indexing Crashes on 6 Gig of PDF Documents
  103. category new window / same window
  104. software updating
  105. Sales: paying with PayPal
  106. Date handling
  107. Help - layer search?!
  108. Cannot Search twice
  109. Size limits for Excel .xls files - file size limit exeeded
  110. Script code shows instead of results page
  111. 50,000 words limit
  112. PHPBB - Home Page Portal - Log In Failure
  113. Downloading file
  114. Error: Access Violation at 0x7F2DA9AB...
  115. Indexing Sites, Include CGi Script, MB RAM Limit
  116. questions about scanning
  117. search.ASP code displaying instead of search
  118. PDF pdftotext Plug-in - using option to index 1st page
  119. indexing using a proxy server
  120. Appending results.
  121. Scanning pages linked trough drop down box
  122. Indexing .desc files while skipping their associated files
  123. Images in search results
  124. Search "words" - How to exclude common search word
  125. Error Message - NO DISK IN DRIVE
  126. Wildcards without *
  127. Template doesn't have form text field
  128. Extra space after second search term returns more results
  129. Increase the Meta Description size
  130. Anchors as search results?
  131. search.cgi does not run
  132. Duplicate Results
  133. Scheduler Error 0x4
  134. How do .shtml pages get added to the search engnie?
  135. Getting rid of radio button
  136. unable to spider- error "No files found to spider"
  137. Bug with x (greek x)
  138. Foreign date/time formatting with ASP version
  139. add search bar in the webpage
  140. cannot get search log
  141. Display files in more than one catagory
  142. Jump to match and highlighting within documents HALF WORKING
  143. add search bar in the webpage
  144. "Use .desc files ..." does not override "Use
  145. Another request re Jump to match and highlight within docume
  146. Categories
  147. "default namespace" not supported
  148. placing search code using SSI
  149. Wish List - Automatic page boosting by filename
  150. code not parsing.
  151. Can't place highlight.js in cgi-bin folder
  152. context display with Javascript version
  153. Indexing multiple sites into a single set of ZDAT files
  154. PHP Nuke system
  155. Index page with links, but not follow the links
  156. Professional Version - Still can't index PDF files
  157. Indexing web with layout tables and table borders?
  158. Meta Descriptions don't appear on Results page
  159. Launching a search in a new window
  160. Indexing PHPBB forums - Pages to skip
  161. Problems Logging (Apache on Linux)
  162. Genealogy Soundex Search
  163. Linking the URL
  164. Problem indexing https site
  165. Highlighting the keywords from search in text
  166. Need info on few topics - Payment for search listings
  167. Integration With RoboHelp
  169. A problem with: <body onload="highlight();">
  170. user has to login each time they click a link on search page
  171. How do I slow down spidering?
  172. Jump to match and highlighting function and frameset
  173. Display results without Search box, button, etc
  174. Category pattern "without xxx"
  175. PHP4 file name extension at Earthlink
  176. How do I spider.....
  177. Nevermind - Category pattern "without xxx"
  178. No results found when keyword separates two skip words
  179. Indexing Dynamically Generated PDF Files
  180. Excel files open in browser
  181. Jump to Match Highlighting w/ Quotes
  182. Indexing individual posts in PhpBB
  183. Searching protected pdf documents
  184. Script not working on ONE server... but works on 2 others!
  185. Language - Brazillian Portuguese
  186. Words Martched
  187. Excluding a particular folder in Search
  188. Can I have search results not display my index home page?
  189. No warning for conflicting schedule
  190. Search with OR if not ALL found
  191. Limit search results to pdfs only?
  192. Categories and files
  193. Change Config without re-indexing
  194. Edit the "Powered by" link
  195. Way to clear search input box after submitting search
  196. Positioning search box in frontpage
  197. confused to index with many folders
  198. Limit result to dynamically specified folder (run-time)
  199. Problem with greek language
  200. Problems with .NO domain?
  201. Questions about Zoom Search - Javascript full text & boo
  202. End User Documentation
  203. A pdf file that brings the indexer to a halt
  204. Translate Question
  205. lost license
  206. XLS plugin updated
  207. Zoom on a Windows Intranet ??
  208. Ability to change width of submit window for multiple words
  209. Search Logging with Microweb on Hard Disk
  210. Search Results using javascript for CD
  211. Search Statistics Report Question
  212. Pdf not permitted with Zoom pro as Dreamweaver plugin
  213. highlight.js affects other scripts ?
  214. Looking for word occurences within files
  215. Titles of pdfs should show in listing results, yes?
  216. Indexing halts on CRC match
  217. Auto Save Index Log
  218. Indexing stops at same point
  219. seperating searches?
  220. Baffling problem...
  221. Word Lists
  222. Automatically upload files at the end of indexing
  223. Creating Site Map with zdat files
  224. How much memory does it take to index a large site?
  225. alt text? two sites?
  226. Excluding Files
  227. Advanced Search Form never shows up
  228. Page Number Too Big/Build 1016/Binary Upload
  229. modifying search script source code (CGI)
  230. modifying search output on dynamic php site...
  231. Licence for Zoom
  232. Extractable info - API for CGI version
  233. resultpage in another frame
  234. Minimum downtime when uploading
  235. Can I remove search form from results page?
  236. Match and highlight words w/spec. chars
  237. creating a custom result page
  238. unexpected results with a search with *
  239. Placing the query string in the results URL
  240. How does sort by date work?
  241. OK...next question: modifying search results content?
  242. ASp online version work behind firewall?
  243. PDF searches not working
  244. Can you use asp.net to create search pages
  245. <title> not showing up.
  246. Spidering Javascript and DHTML
  247. Bad search results
  248. Access Rights
  249. weighting results based on file extension?
  250. Can I get the results displayed in a separate page