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    Looking for advice.

    I have a personal web site for my genealogy site. I have 1000s of mostly jpg files and some txt files.

    I have built a web site with about 4 pages that wrap around the directory structures to display the photos as thumbnails and then as individual images (in varying sizes.)

    This is a non-commercial personal site for family and friends. Read that as "no money"... I suspect the 50 page limit won't work, right? The 4 pages use long url query strings for every jpg in the system.

    What are my options for making the images and associated info TXT files available by searching.

    I've tried MS index service, but it doesn't seem to recognize jpgs.

    Any advice tips?


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    Zoom has a bunch of plug-ins for various binary files types.

    This includes a plug-in for indexing images and their meta data.

    Each file indexed (HTML, Text, or JPG) counts towards the page limit in the free version.

    If your images files don't have good meta data in your JPG files, then you can also use .desc files. These are small HTML files that describe a binary file. See the users guide for details about .desc files.

    With a bit of playing around with the settings and CSS you can build a image search function.

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