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Thread: .swf needed to index, but not need in search results

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    Default .swf needed to index, but not need in search results

    All the navigation in my site is contained in a .swf at the top of every page. When I do searches though the .swf file comes up in the search results. The only way I've found for this not to happen is to include the filename in the skip options in zoom. However when this is done most of my site isn't spidered.

    How can I get zoom to use my .swf to spider my site, but have the .swf not appear in the search results.


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    You could add plain old HTML links to the pages on your site then not index the SWF file. This would also help people without Flash or with the wrong version of Flash or with Flash turned off.

    If you don't want people to be able to navigate your site using HTML, then maybe you could create a site map (a hidden HTML file) that Zoom can use, which lists all the pages.

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