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Thread: Configure extensions as Word-File

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    I would like to configure ZoomSearch V5 to index MS-Word files with other extensions than .doc (e.g. .fse; .mde; ....). I added the file-types in the dialog "scan options". When I go to the configure-button for this file types the following hint appears: "You can configure other indexing options for this file-type via the main configuration window". Unfortunately it's not clear to me what the main configuration window is? Is it possible to configure these extensions as word-documents? Thanks for an answer.

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    If you are indexing in Spider Mode, then yes, you can index these files as MS Word documents provided your web server is configured to return a Content-type of "application/msword". Zoom should then identify them as MS Word files when indexing.

    If you are using Offline Mode however, then no, just as Windows will fail to identify them as MS Word documents when you double click on them, Zoom will not recognize them when you have renamed their file extensions.
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