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Thread: Getting log function to work!?!

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    Default Getting log function to work!?!

    I have been going through the help files, forums etc...having some trouble getting the log function to work. I would like the log file to be saved locally on my computer...not sure if this is possible since the searching takes place on a remote intranet site.

    Anyways, if the log file has to be saved to the intranet server which i have full rights to, write, read, full control. How come i keep getting an error after each search that the search could not be logged due to permissions. I keep trying to give the file full rights, the folder full rights, the entire server full right hahaha with no luck...anyone have the same problem with any advice? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work love the software.

    - Gary

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    A remote server is unlikely to have permissions to save a file on your local computer. But if both machines are on the same LAN, then it might be possible. It depends on our your network is setup, how remote the remote server is, if you have any shared folders on your local machine and if the remorte server and local machine are running the same O/S.

    Getting logging working on the server should be easier. All the details about setting up logging can be found here.

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