I hope ZOOM search is the right tool for what we need!

I currently have a web page this is dynamically displaying data from MYSQL. This page is performing a query to my DB and then displaying a list of all albums that are marked as 'Live' in our 'Status' field in a particular table in the database.

Here's a link for reference:


(displays 1073 paginated results)

I want to put a search box at the top of this page to narrow down the results. As an example, the user types in 'Love' and it will then re-display the album results and keeping their exact same form as currently displayed, but now just shows ones that have the word 'Love' in the Album or Artist Name which are other fields in the Album Table in the db.

I don't want a results page with links to webpages. But rather a way to 'filter' our current page without it losing it's current display form.

If we can accomplish this can you help me get started?

Thanks, Mike!