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Thread: CGI timing out?

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    Default CGI timing out?


    I have a site (Robohelp, but thats besides the point) with alot of javascripts, menus, etc. that need to load upon visit. It runs on a large Enterprise IIS server, and otherwise functions correctly.

    On this site I have a form that links to the behind-the-scenes zoomsearch CGI file. This form otherwise works great, but on occasion, when you query it before other parts of the page can completely load, it "times out" and send you back to the querying page w/ zero results returned.

    ..Any guesses?

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    Is there actually a time out message of some sort? There is no time out function in the CGI script itself, it always runs until it is finished.

    I don't have the source code for your page, but maybe there is a timing issue that means that the CGI gets called without any search word (becuase the page isn't fully loaded) and becuase there is no search word. But without seeing the page we can really only guess at the problem.

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