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Thread: Dynamic Thumbnail Images ASP

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    Default Dynamic Thumbnail Images ASP

    I am trying to set up a Zoom search with Thumbnails at:

    The thumbnail images for the product pages are dynamically generated using <%=ThumbNailImage%> to call them from a content manager. See bottom paragraph on this page:

    Can you let me know if there is a naming convention I could use to call the ThumbNailImage to display as a thumbnail in Zoom search? The instructions do not appear to address ASP.

    Robert Balliot

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    You should use the ZOOMIMAGE meta tag as described in this FAQ:
    Q. How do I associate a thumbnail with a particular page?

    As your pages are being dynamically generated, it should be fairly easy to add the meta tags with something like:

    <meta name="ZOOMIMAGE" content="<%=ThumbNailImage%>">

    Hope that helps.
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    Our approach to displaying product images that are based on the sales code for products is to use the XML feed from Zoom. Since the returned search results is a complete XML page, we can iterate through it and parse it using ASP to create our own HTML output, deriving the image src from the sales code of the product.

    Not exactly a quick fix (sorry!), but we've found the XML output a wonderful route to go to give us complete control over how the output is displayed.

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