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    I brought my list of categories over from v 5.1 and added a few additional cats. I created an index and the categories appear in a drop down list as expected. I defined the pattern in each cat as a folder\subfolder. This is for a Library so I have publication\year as the folder\subfolder pattern.

    The index can be searched by all but one set of Categories; the path in the pattern field looks correct and is the same format as for all other categories. The only difference is this pattern (folder path) is longer. Does anyone know why one set of patterns(all the years for a publication) would not work? If I do a search in the All cat, files in these subfolders are found. If I do a search by year (I created a category for each year) files in these folders are found.

    It is only when I do a search in the Cycle And Automotive Trade Journal 19?? categories using a pattern of
    Cycle_And_Automotive_Trade_Journal\1903 through ***\1923
    that no results are found. Any ideas what's wrong?

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    You already asked this question via E-Mail support and an answer was already provided. Here it is again,

    Your folder name is,

    but your category patterns is

    "Automobile" is NOT the same as "Automotive" for pattern matching.

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