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Thread: advanced .desc file management

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    Default advanced .desc file management

    I am using php to dynamically load a pdf file by setting the header and then load the pdf file contents into the output. Everything works fine and is being indexed correctly by zoom.

    My problem now is that I want to start using .desc files to improve meta info of the pdf's. So, how can I associate a .desc file in this scenario?

    Example PDF URL:

    Would the .desc for this pdf be located at: ??

    Or is my only option to use the 'offline folder for .desc files'? if so, then the .desc filename in the offline folder would be:

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    We don't have a setup to test these two scenarios quickly. But I can say that your premise sounds correct. Have you tried either of the above two methods and did you have any problems?

    If the site is accessible online, you could PM/e-mail us the URL and we can give it a try and let you know what we find.
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