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Thread: A simple filtering question - hopefully

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    Default A simple filtering question - hopefully

    Hi there - n00b here!
    I have just bought Zoom Pro edition and am very pleased with it so far. I have it up and running on one of my sites:
    The only query I have so far is this: you'll have to follow me through the motions probably:
    How do I stop the search picking up every page on the site simply because the name of the product appears on every page - because its part of the menu structure?
    For instance on my site we have a new product called pixelpup.
    Go ahead and try it and you'll see that it comes up in loads of places it shouldnt do, simply because it is a main menu selection item.
    Is there a way to mask this?

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    A common problem.

    You can use and tags to skip the text you didn't want?

    See section 6.5, "Skipping sections of a page" in the user guide,
    for more details


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    Excellent. Thanks very much David.

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