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Thread: 500 internal server error

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    Default 500 internal server error

    I got a 500 internal server error when opening the masternode.cgi. I set the permissions for the three files (masternode.cgi 755, search_template.html 644, settings.mndat 644, the folder in which these files were located 755). The zoom search.cgi worked fine on the same server (64bit linux). Would you please tell me why I got this error and how to fix it? Thanks.

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    System requirements from the MasterNode page,

    MasterNode Aggregator

    Pentium 4 or better PC with Windows 2000, XP Pro, Server 2003, 2008 or Vista

    128 megabytes of RAM, and 100 megabyte of free disk space (more for larger caches)

    Web server with CGI executable permissions

    IIS or Apache on Windows

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