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Thread: any search word but not really

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    Default any search word but not really

    my default search form is for any of the words. The issue i have is if say the search is for a 4 word phrase, and a page scores heavy for it, lets say 1000, its still ranked below pages scoring really low, like 100, just because they happen to have all the words while the 1000 score page has only 3 of the searched words. Anyway to adjust that so if a page is scoring that heavy above the 0thers its on page 1?

    really love this search engine btw.

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    Try adjusting the "Weightings" option for "Word position". This will give preference to words closer together on the same page. Then again this might have the opposite effect if 3 of those words happen to be close together versus 4 of the words spread out very far... however, that might be more relevant too. Adjust this both ways to see what helps your scenario.

    It might be easier to just enable "Default to match all search words" ("Configure"->"Search Page")? The user will be advised to switch to "match any" if they get few results.
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