Which edition?

Edition differences Free
Max pages (#) 50 50,000 Unlimited*
Max size of each file 1 MB Unlimited* Unlimited*
Description text length 150 characters Unlimited Unlimited
Incremental indexing No yes yes
Console mode No No yes
64-bit Indexer No No yes
Support E-mail 6 months
High Priority
E-mail (24 hour response) + phone support (AEST and US business hours)
6 months
High Priority
E-mail (24 hour response) + phone support (AEST and US business hours)
FREE $99
Buy now!
Buy now!
Common features Free
Search results sorted by relevance or date yes yes yes
Wildcard searching (e.g. "zo?m", "*zoom*") yes yes yes
Exact phrase searching* yes yes yes
Google-like context results yes yes yes
Highlight words found in search results yes yes yes
Search within PDF, DOC, PPT, and many other file formats yes yes yes
Spelling suggestions yes yes yes
Synonyms yes yes yes
Stemming* yes yes yes
Exclusion/negative searches yes yes yes
Built-in Scheduling Windows Windows Windows
Built-in FTP Windows Mac Windows Mac Windows Mac
PHP web interface Linux Linux Linux

# A page is counted as an unique URL in spider mode, or an indivdual file in offline mode. For example, one PDF file counts as one page. One image file counts as 1 page (if image indexing is enabled). One HTML file counts as 1 page, and so on.

*Dependent on memory and hardware resources available. More details here. Sites containing over 65,000 pages in total will need to use the higher performance CGI platform option.

Prices quoted are one-time purchases. There are no on-going costs or subscription fees.

Free Edition

Zoom Free Edition is designed for use on small personal websites. It's a nag-free application, that lets you use Zoom with no time restrictions. It has the ability to search through Word documents, PDF files and many more.

However, if you have a bigger website, or require more support, consider purchasing the Professional Editions or Enterprise Editions.

Professional Edition

This edition of Zoom is designed for commercial developers. It allows you to index most large sites (up to 50,000 pages) - while maintaining the speed and ease of use of Zoom! You will be able to adjust the indexer to best suit your site, and it also provides support for document types such as .DOC, .PDF, and more. Commercial developers will also benefit from the additional technical support and flexibility of this edition.

Enterprise Edition

For extremely large sites (up to approx. a million pages or more depending on hardware) or a cross-site search engine spanning many different websites, we would recommend the Enterprise Edition. This edition has no restriction on the size of your website (you are only limited by the amount of memory in your indexing computer), allowing you to specify the scope and demands of your website(s) to best suit your needs. You will also be able to fine tune the indexer and support document types such as Word DOC, Acrobat PDF, Shockwave Flash, and lots more.

Licensing for use on multiple sites

Yes, Zoom can be used for indexing multiple sites. You only need one license per installation of the Indexer - so you can manage a multiple number of sites with one license if you handle all the indexing on one computer. More information here.