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  • Search Results - No Page Titles

    I have already researched my issue on this board, so I do have some insight on the problem. Our site uses one main asp template and pulls all of the content into that one file. Here are two typical pages:



    See how the the site is built with LSAC.asp pulling new code into the body.
    If I put a <title> tag on the LSAC.asp file all the pages have the same title on the search results page. If I remove the title from LSAC.asp and put it on the content pages, then no titles are shown in the search results. This is because the website content is pulled into the asp template after the <head> tag, so now the <title> tag is under the <body> tag which means it gets ignored.

    Is there a way to get the pages to have titles without reconfiguring the way our site is constructed? The site is about 200 pages so I need a workaround or a way to fix the results.

    I am currently using the free version to see how it works. If I can get decent results without having to do a ton of code fixes we are going to buy the Pro version.

    Please help!

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    I had a look at your site. Your HTML pages are not valid pages. You have multiple <body> tags, multiple <head> tags and many other problems.

    The W3 HTML validator reports 117 errors on a single page of your site.

    For a 2nd opinion we tried the CSE HTML Validator V8.0 on your page. It reported 138 errors and 68 warnings on a single page.

    You also have multiple <title> tags on your page. Which is part of the reason Zoom (and Internet Explorer) is not getting the title text you expect.

    So the best thing would be to fix your pages to remove the worst of the errors. It is common practice to have content pages including a common header and footer. But you have the reverse. You have the header and footer page including the content page. So you should probably have a think about the fundamental way the site is built before spending too much time trying to patch it up.

    Sorry to be the one to tell you the bad news.


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      We already have it planned to totally redesign the site, so that is no biggie. We are going to do it all in CSS, so the site is pretty much being rewritten from the ground up. I inherited this mess from the last guy! haha

      We will not even bother changing anything until the rewrite, so I'll just wait until then to add the search engine.



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        We tried to do our new site all in CSS. But it didn't work in the end. There was too much variation in the handling of CSS in different browsers. So we ended up needing to use a few tables and old layout methods. We probably got to about 80% CSS however.