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zoom.ini and multiple instances of Zoom

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  • zoom.ini and multiple instances of Zoom


    Starting zoomsearch.exe and it will eventually write to the zoom.ini file.

    If more than one instance of zoomsearch.exe are running, I predict trouble!

    Is it possible to "turn off" the zoom.ini writing/update?

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    We don't suggest running multiple copies of Zoom at the same time from the same directory. Mainly because some of the plug-ins don't like being called from multiple applications at the same time.

    On the other hand the .ini file doesn't contain anything too important. (e.g. the list of recent files opened & screen position of the Zoom window) and nothing too bad will happen if it is overwritten.

    If you want to run multiple indexing sessions at the same time and they use plug-ins, then we suggest installing Zoom twice into different directories. Then run it once from each directory.

    The other way to do it is to schedule difference sesions to run in series and not in parallel.


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      My CMS system serve mulitiply domains, but they all use the one and same web-application. It's the domainname that tell the CMS system what pages to show. Now, I have a special folder for every domainname; containing the config file, the generatede indexes, the cgi exe and log files. The domain owner can, at anytime, generate new indexes - he just start zoomindexer.exe from inside an administrator page, passing his config file.

      I do not see any conflict here, as long the zoom.ini file are not locked and cause the app. to stop/crash.

      (I do not use plug-ins - only crawl the pages)