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  • Frontpage and PHP

    I am having a problem with a search page: www.trevithick-society.org.uk/search.php. I have a reference to an external css document so haven't included the internal styles from the template. However, the php page appears to be completely ignoring the styles - the text is Times rather than Verdana and some is right-aligned instead of justified - does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong? I can't find any other style references that might be overwriting the one that I want. I am using FTP to publish but can't see any differences between what is on my PC and what is on the web.


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    The list of CSS styles used can be found here.
    But if you have deleted our CSS code, then you'll need to put it back in before you can modify it.

    I can see that you placed the search results into a HTML table. The text is right aligned becuase that is what you specificed in the table you created. Here is your HTML code,

    <td width="50%" style="border-style: none; border-width: medium" align="right" valign="top" height="164">


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      Thanks for that, it partly helped. Sadly I screwed up and hadn't actually uploaded the damn css file, so there were no rules for the text to follow. Maybe I need a holiday .