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nice to have - possibility to set manually cookies, not using ie

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  • nice to have - possibility to set manually cookies, not using ie


    I'd like to see one 'nice-to-have' feature in Zoom Search, a possibility to manually set up cookies, instead of using ie.

    What for? Lets say I have site which presents different content, depending on user choice. For example user can choose to see only basic or advanced information at every pages. His choice is then saved in a cookie.

    So if I want to index both contents separately, I need to make two profiles, and then reload ie cookies to have correct profile, before each indexation. (of course as I have only two

    If I could set those cookies manually in config file, I could forget about ie. Is that possible to do?

    Piotr Furman

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    Zoom itself can accept cookies, but it can't create new ones. Once accepted it puts them into the IE cookie directory. Effective Zoom and IE share cookies. This is often important when you need to login to a site manually.

    I haven't tried it but you should be able to create manual cookies in the IE cookie directory (or copy in existing ones).

    But maybe there is an easier solution. You could create 2 different start pages. An advanced start page and a basic start page. These pages would force the cookie to the value you want, then indexing would continue as normal.