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Log File - Need Help Please

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  • Log File - Need Help Please

    I am trying to set up 4.2 to log seaches. The manual says I need a "valid log file" but it doesn't go into any detail on how to create a vaild log file. When I create a searchwords.log file that is blank and upload it, I get the error message

    Unable to write to log file (d:\inetpub\acorncomputers\logs\searchwords.log). Check that you have specified the correct log filename in your Indexer settings and that you have the required file permissions set.

    I did specify the filename and the file permissions are set to read and write.

    OK, so is this log file suppose to include some text in it or does the program just write to a "blank sheet of paper".

    Any help would be extremely helpful

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    Details about how to set up search word logging can be found here.

    Once you have the permissions set correctly on your server, the script will create the log file automatically.


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      Search Word logging

      I am setting the path for search logging as follows: D:\logs\searchlogs\popular.log

      I have the proper permissions set on the logs folder yet, it still won't write to the file. All of the search engine script files are located in my other directory located here D:\inetpub\mysite\pages\search\

      If not permissions, what could the problem be?


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        This post is a couple of years old now. We no longer support V4 of the software. You should upgrade to V5 or V6.

        There are really only 2 possible problems. Either the path is wrong, or it is a problem of permissions.