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Spider Indexer Get Hung

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  • Spider Indexer Get Hung

    I have been testing your Software with the temp key but started running into problems. It will start running and will just stop on a file but never the same file . Or the CPU never get up to 100% or %50 since I am running Core2 Duo. I have tried a bunch of different setup for the time between threads, Amount of Threads, Details, Verbose. I looked to see if I have any of the other issues that other we having so uncheck the HTTP 1.1 option in IE and did not see the System 7 services. Still just trying a bunch of different options but no luck yet.

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    Maybe it is the server or your internet connection that has the problem? Did you try indexing another site? Did you leave it for a few minutes to see if there was a timeout message?

    Is it a total lock up of the application, (for example can you still use the pause button) or just a situation of being stuck on one file?

    Is this a public web site you are indexing? Could you E-Mail us your Zoom configuration file and we can try the same configuration here?


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      I am still testing different options. I thought I had it fixed because I had change something with the Categories and then just removed them all together and it seemed to work so went back to add more URL sections to my site list. Right now I am only doing certain location of different programs. But Once I added a few more it would just hang on the one file for over 20 mins. I would pause and unpause still would not work on any other files. So far it looks like your product is great. I just need to learn the tweaks that are needed to get the full functions out of it. I will send you an email shortly with the Config file. Thanks.


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        Just to follow up in case other people are reading this post:

        We believe the problem was due to the Zoom output files being written to a network share (which in itself is not an issue) but that connection to the network share was intermittent. Meaning that the connection to the remote hard drive was lost, provoking a lock up upon a file write.