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  • Licensing Question

    I am a developer of a number of small sites, where in a handful of them, I want to add the search feature.

    Do I need a license for each site if I am managing them all from one desktop?

    Or, is the license really based on the total number of pages for all the separate sites (domains)?

    Is it only when a client wants a copy of the program, then we purchase another license for the client. Is that correct?



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    From the FAQ on licensing.

    A license is required for each copy of the Zoom Indexer application installed on a computer (Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions only).

    However, each installed copy of the Indexer can be used to create and maintain multiple search engines, for different sites.

    So if you manage 5 different websites and index all of these sites from the same computer (with one installation of Zoom Indexer), then you will only need one license.

    But if each of these websites will be indexed from different computers (eg. the clients you are designing the websites for will want to be indexing the site from their own computers), then you will need multiple copies of Zoom Indexer for each computer, and a license per Indexer.

    You can also distribute the search files generated by the Indexer on an unlimited number of CDs and DVDs. There are no royalty fees for distributing the search files generated. However, you must retain the copyright information within the search scripts.


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      Excellent ... thanks, I will take Zoom Indexer for a test run.