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  • Separate windows for PDF's

    Hello there, just purchased the Enterprise Edition and all seems well so far on my development server. Nice features. Finally, found a search engine package that will work for my client. We had signed up for the Google Custom Search Business Edition -- $100/yr and find out, after the fact, that there are too many limitations and absolutely no technical support. Anyways, here is my question for you:

    I have read some threads on opening up pdf's in separate windows and realize that this will require some programming changes (I do not want the viewer to resort to changing settings on their browsers). I did figure out how to open up a PDF in a new window when clicking on the actual image icon in the results, but the <href for the actual text link is a different story. Is the actual file type stored in any of the data files, so that I may check against this to set the $target = "_blank"? If this is not possible, would this be a plausible addition to include in your next release of this software? It would be great to have the ability to click on a pdf (or other plugins) and not loose focus to the website.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Do you want all links on the result page to open up in new windows. Or just PDF links?

    If you want all links to open in new windows, then there is a radio button on the "search page" tab of the Zoom configuration window to get this behaviour.

    However if you want just some links to open in new window and some links not to, then some customisation of the script is required.

    It is not the first time we have this request now. So we will consider adding it to V6 of Zoom. In the meantime you might like to look at this past customisations done by other users to achieve this type of result.