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How I can remove (zoom_per_page) list?

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  • How I can remove (zoom_per_page) list?

    Hello every body:

    I'm new user to (Zoom Search Engine 5.1). I tried remove [zoom_per_page) (list/menu)] and his sentence, I don't like it.
    in (settings.php) page I removed (Results per page) from code
    in (search.php) page I removed array code :

    // The options available in the dropdown menu for number of results
    // per page

    $PerPageOptions = array(10, 20, 50, 100);

    But the form to show results per page is still show in my page.
    What is a code which must be removed to remove a form from my page?

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    If you just want a simple search form on the search.php page, then you can switch to the "basic" search form from the "search page" tab in the Zoom configuration window. No need to edit the code.