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Max. file size scanned (ZOOM 3.1 vs. ZOOM 4.0)

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  • Max. file size scanned (ZOOM 3.1 vs. ZOOM 4.0)

    Not to make the same mistake as I did now, I just want to warn all 4.0 users that the value of max. file size scanned (Limits menu) is in kB.
    In ZOOM 3.1 it was in bytes. So you can not imagine what I did. I entered the same value as I did in 3.1 (it is 1000000) after which ZOOM "told me" that I don't have enough RAM to index my site, and that I need to go to the nearest computer shop and buy additional 11GB of RAM

    So once again, value is expresed in kB.

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    I made the same mistake. Now I know why I supposedly don't have enough ram. Thanks.
    John Rogers


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      Yes, that is a good point. This change takes into consideration the fact that PDFs, DOCs, and other plugin-support binary files are now directly affected by the "Max file size" setting. That is, if you wish to index a 2 megabyte PDF file, you would need a "Max file size" setting of 2000 kB.

      Previously (in Version 3.1 and earlier), the "Max file size" setting only applied to the size of the "textual content" within a PDF file (which proved to be hard to estimate), so you may have only needed a max file size setting of 100 kb, even though the PDF was 2 megabytes in size.

      While the change requires a slightly higher "max file size" setting for some users, it was counter-balanced by the improvement in speed it afforded us, and the optimizations we have made in memory usage elsewhere in the Indexer. Version 4.0 should require less memory than previous versions, when using the same indexing configuration.