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Problem with double search

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  • Problem with double search

    I ia using version 4.2

    I placed the files in "public_html/search folder"

    I tried cgi version before, but I couldn't make it work.

    Now, when I place a page called proba.html in root folder on server, and it contains the search form code, which points to search.php it works, but output is search_template.html file, without any results for my search terms. But when I enter search terms now, into search form in search_template.html, it worls fine.

    Well, there's more than just that one problem. The point is, I would like to put my custom search form into my own existing template, where results would show in the place I want. That means that I don't need Zoom to create search form inside search_template.html because I already have one. But, as I cannot call the page with results from the form I get from my homepage - it just calls search_template.html, empty, with no results, it is not possible for me to get search results in one step as it should be.

    And when I don't use my template, and I choose in zoom search engine options not to create search form in search_template.html that's what happens: I enter my keywords in form on proba.html page, and the result is page search_template.html with "you did not entered any search term" written.

    It should work different, I suppose if I use my custom search form, and i point to search.php I should come out with search_template.html with results listed, and without search form, as I make it not to be created and with my search form on the place I want it to be if I use my template instead of default search_template.html file.

    Why can't I get search results listed in just one step?

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    We don't support V4 anymore. You should consider upgrading to V5 or V6.

    But the the method of creating your own search form hasn't changed much. See,
    Q. How do I add search boxes to my web pages?

    and these might also help
    Q. How can I add server-side scripting (eg. PHP, ASP) to the search template?
    Q. How do I customize the appearance of my search results with CSS?