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  • excluding sub folders

    Hi does zoom allow for excluding specified directories from being indexed? and how do you set this up!


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    Yes you can exclude directories and files by entering in their names in the configuration window on the Skip options tab.

    More details are in the users guide,

    From the guide,

    Page skip list
    This is a list of pages and folders that will not be scanned during the indexing process. Note that filenames and paths are case sensitive. Typically you would want to filter pages that the user should never be able to get to directly via the search function. Note that if the path to a page partially or fully matches any entry in this list it will be filtered. For example, an entry of “\private\” will filter “\private\file1.htm”, “\private\file2.htm” and “photos\private\athome.htm”.

    Also make sure you get your / and \ around the right way depending on if you are indexing from the local file system or from the web in spider mode. Local mode matches against file names (so you'' need \'s). Spider mode matches against URLs (so you need /'s).