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cgi search returns error on JBoss

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  • cgi search returns error on JBoss

    We're using Zoom Search 5.1, build 1017, and trying to support a cgi search for online help on application servers running JBoss 5.1 in Windows.

    The index generation for cgi/Windows takes place without error, and then we are copying the generated zdat files over to the same folder where we have the online help on one of our test servers. When we click on a link to the search.cgi page, we get the error:

    Unable to load settings.zdat file.
    The file appears to be invalid and may have been corrupted.

    The settings.zdat file in question is about 4KB.

    Sorry if this question is old news. I did a search and didn't come up with anything relevant.

    Thanks for any help!

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    V5 of Zoom is pretty old now and we don't officially support it any more.
    You might want to try V6 or V7 instead.

    As for your problem. It might be corruption of the index files. This can happen if you just copy over some of the files. e.g. end up with a mix of files from 2 different indexing sessions.


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      Thanks for your help! I think I did have an old index file in the mix there. I cleared out all the old files and replaced them, and now we're in business.