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Can't get search template page to play nice with my Dreamweaver CS5 template

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  • Can't get search template page to play nice with my Dreamweaver CS5 template

    Been at this many years, and never had this problem with Zoom and my DW templates. Normally, this is my workflow:

    1. setup Zoom, upload default plain white search_template.html to site
    2. Apply my Dreamweaver Template to that page so it all looks nice
    3. Re-upload page to the server
    4. Tell Zoom to NOT upload the search template in the future

    no problem.

    But for some reason when I apply the template to the template page, the results don't show up. It says, 50 results, 3 pages, or what have you, but they aren't on the page. The client does not want site visitors to not have a working site so for now, I left the plain default template page live.

    So the url is to a 2nd page that is not being used right now:


    Can you see anything wrong? The head content seems to be in the head area, and the body in the body, just like all my other sites. What's wrong?

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    That URL is wrong, totally sorry. I had the .html messed up.

    The actual URL is:


    very sorry.


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      Sorry we missed this thread, not sure how.

      Are you suggesting that this is a new site which you are adding the search page to? That is, was the search engine previously working on this site and server, or not?

      If you say that the search process works up to a certain line of response (i.e. "50 results found... ") but then nothing following it, then it may be that this particular server has some limitations enforced on the execution time, and it may have little to do with your template file (besides adding some execution time because the template file is a little more complicated than the default). More information here:

      We are no longer supporting V5 (which is 6 years old), so we would also advise trying V6 and see if the problem persists. Let us know if you do have trouble with V6 and we can investigate further.
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