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Zoom files missing error - but they're there

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  • Zoom files missing error - but they're there

    I'm trying to test an installation of Zoom, but I Keep getting the following error.

    Zoom files missing error: Zoom is missing one or more of the required index data files.
    Please make sure the generated index files are uploaded to the same path as this search script.

    The files are in the same folder as search.php, and I used the Indexer to upload them. None of the files have been modified.

    Any ideas?

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    This error message is produced when one or more of the files are missing.

    Can you post the URL to your search function so that we can see the error.



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      Yeah, I looked at the code in search.php to see what would cause that error, and those files are there.



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        Have you modified the search script (search.php) in any way? Any changes you may have made may have broken the functionality of the script.

        There also seems to be something strange happening at:
        It returns a 403 Forbidden error, which is reasonable, but also delivers a file with an "application/x-miva" content type. If there is any server-side redirecting (or URL Rewrite) setup for this folder, let us know, asi it may be affecting the way that PHP is locating files.
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        Sydney, Australia
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          Nope. No modifications to any files. I only opened my local copy of search.php to see what would cause the error.

          You're seeing the 403 and "application/x-miva" because there is no index.html file in the search folder and all html files on our site are being processed as dynamic pages using Miva Script's language processor.

          No redirects or rewrites.

          On another note, I have installed the cgi version and it is running okay. I went with the php version first because I figured it would be nice to have more ability to change the look and feel. I am still curious why the php version is not correctly running though.



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            The PHP problem sounds like a server configuration issue. If you are familiar with PHP, you can try some tests and see if file_exists() is failing to locate files in the same directory. For example, if there are the files "test.php" and "test.txt" in the same directory, and test.php contains the following:

            if &#40;file_exists&#40;"test.txt"&#41;&#41;
               print&#40;"something's wrong"&#41;;
            Then it should let you know if this is the case. There are some older versions of PHP which had reported bugs with file_exists() when PHP is running in safe mode, and various other issues. Perhaps you can check which version of PHP you are using. You may also have various non-default settings configured for paths. We are unfamiliar with Miva Script and are uncertain if this could cause any conflict as well.

            If you want us to pursue this PHP issue further, you can e-mail us, and give us temporary FTP access to your server. We can do some tests and confirm the cause of the problem for you.
            Wrensoft Web Software
            Sydney, Australia
            Zoom Search Engine


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              Thanks for your help. I did try the test that you suggested and it failed too.

              I'm going to stick with the cgi version. It is working well, and I'm very happy with it after just one evening of adjusting the indexing settings and the look and feel through the template. Now I'm off to purchase the Pro Edition.



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                I am having the same issue, but for the life of me i cannot make the engine reproduce these files:
                Any idea as to why they are not regenerated?
                Version 6.0 ------------Thank you


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                  You posted this in the V4 forum.

                  V6 of Zoom produces a different set of files. Files like zoom_titles.zdat are no longer required by the V6 script, nor produced in V6 of the indexer software.