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    We're moving our HTML site to Wordpress. We have a PRO account of ZOOM, however it's becoming apparent that ZOOM will not work with blog software like Wordpress, since each page (.php) is called from the database. Is there any fix for blog type software?

    Technically when using blog software, the user who stores static pages, etc.. don't have a choice on TITLE or META since it's all stored and all the same as the main page.

    Any docs or ideas on what to do? Thanks ahead of time, have a great weekend!


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    We have a PRO account of ZOOM
    Just for the clarification of other readers. We do not really offer 'accounts', we avoid this word as it implies ongoing periodic fees. And the purchase of Zoom is a one off payment.

    ..however it's becoming apparent that ZOOM will not work with blog software like Wordpress
    There should be no reason for it not to work. You'll need to use spider mode in Zoom (not offline mode). Can you give details to what went wrong on your site.

    ...since each page (.php) is called from the database
    Having PHP based web pages pulling information from a database is a very common situation on web sites. Zoom handles this just fine. There is some general information about Zoom and database driven sites here,

    There are some hints and tips about Wordpress search engine optimisation here.
    The changes are aimed mostly at Google and Yahoo, but in many cases the same changes benefit Zoom.



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      It is easy to index my Wordpress sites with Zoom Search. What I would love to do is embed the search results into a Wordpress template, so all the results show up in that context. If I knew PHP even reasonably well, I would guess this would be fairly easy to do. But I don't, so it isn't.

      Given the large number of Wordpress web sites, might you consider looking into this and offering some sample code for dropping into a WordPress template, so Zoom Search can be fully integrated into WordPress? It might be a large new market for your tool...