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Replace search.cgi when upgrading to 6.0?

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  • Replace search.cgi when upgrading to 6.0?

    Is it necessary to delete the old search.cgi file before re-indexing to gain all of the efficiency benefits from 6.0? I'm indexing in offline mode.

    Thanks, -Matt

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    Also to add to this question. I built an ACSX control that calls the GCI files will the code work the same if I do nothing but upgrade? I will eventually modify the code to use the advance features of the Meta Information but out of the box is the parameters the same from version 5 Enterprise? Thanks Chris


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      If you have a set of index files generated with V6 of of Zoom then you must use the new V6 CGI. You can't use the old V5 CGI with a new V6 set of index files.

      The processing of calling / wrapping the CGI from another executable hasn't really changed, so there is a good chance your existing ACSX will work. But the output isn't identical to V5.


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        I knew I would have to create new Index files but I was looking more at the wrapping of the CGI in the ACSX that I have. Just was not sure if you calls are any different or the variables that you can use has changed from V5 at all. Can you send your own paramaters to the CGI for the advance searches using the Meta Information?
        Thanks for the other information.


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          The parameters used for searching Custom Meta Fields are sent via HTTP GET, the same way as all the other query parameters like zoom_query, etc. So if your ASCX wrapper is passing all HTTP GET query parameters along, it would be fine.
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