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  • WordPerfect .wpd plugin

    Our intranet site has a large quantity of WordPerfect files with the .wpd extension. I was able to install the plugin and see that the .wpd plugin is loaded successfully.

    Some of the files are located in the site structure but are not linked to in html pages. Some of the files are linked to in HTML pages. When I perform a search I can find wpd documents in the results list but when I click on the link I get a 'The page cannot be found' page. I am aware that I can not view a WordPerfect file in Internet Explorer the way that a .doc file display. I also can not right click on the link and choose 'save target as...'

    So, my question is what can I do to make these links work to launch the file in the user's WordPerfect program? If not, what is the point of returning files in search results that can not be accessed? Perhaps I am just missing something obvious.


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    If you are using Spider mode then you need to have links to the file to enable them to be found. See this FAQ
    Q. I am indexing with spider mode but it is not finding all the pages on my web site

    If you are indexing your site in offline mode then you don't need HTML links to all the files, but you do need to get the base URL correct. If you fail to set the base URL correctly then all the links returned in the search results will be wrong. You don't need to worry about the base URL in spider mode.

    To work out what is the correct base URL you need to know what is the URL to the document in question, and compare that to what is being returned in the search results, then adjust the base URL to make the URL correct.

    The comments above apply for all file types, not just Word Perfect files.