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V6 javascript and stemming..

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  • V6 javascript and stemming..


    Would it be possible to create a search default in the user input field so that an * is automatically added in front and/or at the end of a user's search term, using the javascript method?

    I'm looking for a workaround to the stemming limitation....and unfortunately, javascript seems to be the only method that works with our distribution requirements.

    I'm using version 6 build 1028, with RoboHelp (Webhelp).

    thank you!

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    There is no technical reason why extra code couldn't be written to do this.

    I don't think it is this simple however. What about multi-word searches? I also think it would be confusing to the user to do it in fashion.

    There is also an existing check box in the languages configuration window to perform a sub-string match for all searches.


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      Thank you! Yes, the checkbox does what I needed! This is what I was looking for.....

      I agree is confusing, so now my next question is this:

      Is it possible to have a toggle on the search page which acts like the sub-string match checkbox on the configuration window? So, if the user wants to expand the search they select this?

      I already have text indicating how users can improve their search results (using negative searches, asterisks, specific terms, categories, etc) but management wants a checkbox.

      thanks again! You guys are always so helpful.....


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        There is no function in the software for this.
        You would need to write your own script to do it.