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Setting up Zoom for NOF

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  • Setting up Zoom for NOF

    I just purchased Zoom and need to set it up for use with Net Objects Fusion, version 11. I have been following the tutorial at
    and I find that I cannot get past the second tutorial since it uses a much earlier version for set-up instructions and asks me to use the search_template_src. I cannot find this file in version 6. Is it possible to get more current instructions for setting up Zoom, v. 6 in NOF, v. 11?


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    The Lansrad people are working on a update of their tutorial for Zoom V6. You might want to contact them for a better idea of the time frame as to when it'll be available.

    The scripts folder where the "search_template_src.html" file is located has moved due to the need for Vista compatibility (and in compliance with Microsoft standards).

    These files are now in one of two places:

    On Vista, this would be located here:
    C:\ProgramData\Wrensoft\Zoom Search Engine Indexer\scripts\

    On XP or similar, it would be here:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Wrensoft\Zoom Search Engine Indexer\scripts\

    You may need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders to see the "ProgramData" or "Application Data" folder. This can be found under "Tools"->"Folder Options"->"View"->"Show hidden files and folders". It's convoluted, but it's Microsoft.

    I should also add that the new way Zoom works really doesn't need you to access this file directly. It will still work, if you want to follow the old tutorial that way. It's just not necessary, because after indexing, Zoom generates a "search_template.html" file in the output folder and it will not overwrite it on subsequent indexing. This means you can modify the template file in the output folder to your heart's content.

    Given all the changes, it would be ideal to get an updated tutorial. The new version should be much easier to use with NOF than the old and involve less steps.
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      Using Zoom with NOF

      Thank you Ray. I had contacted Lansrad first and they are still working on the tutorial. I am ready for it though as I really need those step by step instructions with graphics. They do a great job of creating a tutorial. I am just hoping that waiting for the tutorial doesn't mean that I can't get any further. I am a go to person for learning embroidery digitizing software, but when it comes to understanding other software or computer technology, I need my hand held. I will admit it; I need help! If anyone else has figured how to make Zoom work with NOF, please let me know.