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Problem relocating the Log File

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  • Problem relocating the Log File

    Version 6 (build 1009) w/CGI

    I have read the FAQ on Logging, esp. the note about CGI considerations.

    Have specified: ../logs/searchwords.log as my new log file location
    Have created the new directory (logs), properly permissioned
    Have re-indexed and uploaded all files (using the automatic upload)

    When attempting a search I get the following error at the very top of the results page:

    "No such file or directory. Log filename and path not found (./logs/searchwords.log). Check that you specified the correct log filename in your Indexer settings."

    Note the single "." preceding "/logs", where as I specified "../logs.....

    Please advise

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    After making configuration changes you need to re-index your site and upload the files again.

    For others reading this the logging FAQ is here.


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      As mentioned in my first remarks...

      "Have re-indexed and uploaded all files (using the automatic upload)"

      Please respond further...

      BTW... Shouldn't something as simple as a log file relocation, NOT REQUIRE a re-indexing?


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        Make sure you are uploading your files to the correct folder on your web server. Do your other configuration changes get applied? Is the website online and if so, what is the URL?

        I have tested this with the latest build, and I cannot reproduce a problem with the log path not updating. So it would seem more likely to be something else.

        Many settings affect the format of the index files, as we optimize them to use minimum disk space. So it is a general policy that the Indexer only updates the files when it needs to rewrite all the files. Otherwise the files can fall out of sync, with frequent partial changes. It is also alot more confusing for our users, having to keep track of which file has been updated, and which file needs to be uploaded (again increasing risk of a corrupt set of index files).
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          You were quite right, the files on my server were the prior version. After manual uploading all was well.

          Curiously, I know the auto-upload ran after I re-indexed and the file specified in Configure --> Start Option seems correct (TheoSoft\cgi). Is this how the auto-upload process knows where to put the files on my server? Or perhaps was the uploader prohibited from uploading to my cgi folder? Not a big deal, just curious.

          Anyway, thanks for the assistance!


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            The auto-upload process doesn't try to be too smart. It just puts the files where you tell it to put them.


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              If it's a Unix-based server, remember that upper and lowercase differences are significant.
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              Sydney, Australia
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