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Errors with build 1010 in custom ASP search

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  • Errors with build 1010 in custom ASP search

    I'm getting errors. I just did an upgrade to Zoom Search Engine and reindexed the site. Bam. It doesn't work. Ideas?


    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a005e'
    Invalid use of Null
    /new/gg_search.asp, line 712

    after reindexing...

    Provider error '80070057'
    The parameter is incorrect.
    /new/gg_search.asp, line 138

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    gg_search.asp is not our script. So I can't really comment on what is going wrong if you are using your own customised version of our script.

    However if you have just upgraded, then make sure you upload ALL the files. Especially settings.asp and search.asp. The index files from this new build are NOT compatible with older editions of the script.


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      Thanks. I understand now what the problem is. Indeed, the file search.asp which is generated by build 1010 works. My programmer had created a custom search results page called gg_search.asp. That apparently needs to have the new code inserted.

      I am happy to see the new Dreamweaver extension!



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        Well, my ASP programmer and I could not figure out a fix, so I reinstalled build 1007 and now it works again, using the same ASP custom results page. Unfortunately, I don't have build 1008 or 1009 to test. Are they available for download?

        So what is it in build 1010 which breaks our custom results page? The version of VBScript we are running on the web host server?
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          I have no real idea what code you have customised and don't have a copy of your code. So I can't comment on what is broken in your code. (and debugging your code is outside our our free support as well)

          As a general comment however, you should avoid customising our code unless you really understand what you are doing.

          It is rare that there is a good reason for customising our ASP code. More often that not you can get the result you want via CSS, or template HTML customisation.

          Why are you adding ASP code to our script?


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            We didn't actually "customize" the Zoom search.asp file. We just dropped in the code from search.asp into our own site template (header and footer).

            What we did wrong was to not use a server side include for "search.asp." We copied and pasted in build 1007 "search.asp" code, which is simply not the same as build 1010 "search.asp" code -- new functions and variables were introduced.

            So, now "search.asp" is set up as an include and we will never have this problem again:

            Our basic structure for our revised ggf_search.asp (results) page is this:

            <!--#include file="inc_header2.asp" -->
            <!--#include file="search.asp" --> (instead of copy-and-paste from "search.asp")
            <!--#include file="inc_footer.asp" -->
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              Yes, that is the documented and recommended method, as explained here:
              Q. How can I add headers & footers to the search template using SSIs or scripts?

              As explained elsewhere, the disadvantage to modifying the actual search script (or creating your own one by copying the code from ours), is that not only would we be unable to support it, you would be required to port your changes (in other words, make a new version of your custom script) every time you update to a new build.
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