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Searching anomaly and duplicate context desc

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  • Searching anomaly and duplicate context desc

    Version 6 (Build 1009) w/cgi
    Site: www.TheoSoft.info

    When searching for the words "cosmic realities" without the quotes, the first entry in the results list shows a hit for these consecutively occurring terms.

    However, when I resubmit the search, this time using double quotes, the previous first hit disappears from the result list.

    NOTE: I am using the sort by date, as my default.

    Also, I noticed in the first case above, that the context info in the results list is duplicated.

    Please advise.

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    This bug (as well as the duplicating context bug) was fixed in V6.0 build 1010. Please download the latest build from here:

    Let us know if you continue to see this problem with the latest build.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine


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      Version 6 (Build 1010) w/cgi
      Site: www.TheoSoft.info

      I was about to announce my new research website to my constituency -- wanted to resolve a few minor issues you said were resolved in the 1010 build.

      Have made no config changes, since a successful index/upload yesterday.

      Downloaded/Installed the new 1010 build -- DISASTER RESULTED from the upgrade.

      Whereas I had > 75,000 unique words indexed in my earlier indexes, I now have ~2,600.

      Suddenly, I am getting about 50,000 previously unseen errors -- "Suspected invalid HTML on page so-and-so. For example: http://www.theosoft.info/BibleKJV/Verses/JN/C012/C012V21.HTM.

      ...There is no indication about what the error might be.
      ...DreamWeaver identifies no such errors.

      Moreover, search terms that previously returned many hits on pages not even cited in the error log, now return no results, at all.

      I want to revert to the 1009 build, until these issues are resolved... but realize there is no means to do so... Sure, I should have saved a copy of the 1009 build, but you need to provide a build-reversion plan, as well.

      Meanwhile, I am out of business.

      Need your urgent reply.


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        Please see this thread:

        Your page contains broken/invalid HTML. A quick validator can confirm this such as the one here:
        Or a more thorough one here:

        On this page:

        You have the following code:
        <table width="95%" border="0" cellspacing="0 cellpadding="0">
        Note the missing end quote character after the cellspacing value.

        The page content may still be indexed depending on where the HTML error is on the page. These are Warnings (not Errors) that the page may not be indexed correctly due to the bad HTML.
        Wrensoft Web Software
        Sydney, Australia
        Zoom Search Engine


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          Appreciate the reply... Will repair the code and retry, but this doesn't seem to explain the vast number of suddenly missing index entries on other areas (categories) on the site.

          Nevertheless, after I fix the errant HTML, I will retest and see where we are.

          Good eyes! Thx


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            The W3.org validater disclosed a number of 'relatively minor' issues across my 50,000 web pages. Fortunately they are all software generated and I expect to have them repaired today, and then will rebuild the indexes.

            Thank you for your assistance!


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              I actually understand your need for the more strict compliance w/HTML standards. Used the W3 validater extensively, and found numerous compliance issues across my ~47,000 web pages.

              Fortunately, in my case, these pages are software-generated, and so, with a little work, they are now fully html-compliant -- AND INDEX again.

              Back in business...

              Perhaps I missed it, but a warning about the 1010 build implications (stricter HTML compliance) would have been appreciated. As I am getting to know you guys --- you will point me to a url... But, a more public announcement/communication, due to the implications, seems the better road.

              Anyway... still a fan...

              Appreciate the support.