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  • how to change the highlighting

    Hi..i have a problem of the result after searching,when I type a word "oo", and the result will be highlighted all of the word like "book", but i wanna the result to be highlighted the "oo" only of "book"....what can i do??
    btw~my version is 6
    pls help thx.
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    We don't recommend automatic wild card searching. It just confuses people in general.

    Nothing you can do about the highlighting, except rewrite the code if you were feeling brave.

    The current behaviour is to highlight the words matched by the search term.


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      um..i meant for example, when I input the word i wanna seacrh like "oo"
      the result now will be highlighted the whole word like "booK" (the yellow color represent highlighted)
      but i wanna the result will be "book"
      only the "oo" highlighted in the result...
      what can i do using v6 ?
      um..i just wanna the result highlighting like the v5...
      thanks a lot


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        Searching for "oo" should not match "book", unless you have "Substring match for all searchwords" enabled on the "Languages" panel of the Configuration window.

        This option (aka automatic wild card searching) is not recommended for non-Asian languages. And the highlighting feature reflects this.

        V6 highlights the word matched more accurately, and it is the entire word matched because it is a substring match. V5 would often fail to highlight any word matched via synonyms, etc. because it had no ability to identify the entire search term.
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          ya~i checked the "Substring match for all searchs" in Languages, then i search the "oo" and have the result "book"
          so i cant have the result like this "book" in v6?
          pls kindly help thanks.


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            The answer is, again, no.

            Reiterating this for the last time: using this option for non-Asian languages is not it's designed purpose. So it makes no sense for us to change the highlighting feature so that it is compromised for its designed purpose (to highlight the full word) to support an undesigned usage.

            It is hardly ever desirable to use "substring match" for non-Asian languages. People think they want it, without fully understanding its consequences (do you really want users who search for "hat" to find "what", "that", "hatch", etc? It makes it impossible to find anything). More often you might have just needed to configure the word joining rules to allow hyphenated words or product codes (e.g. "123.product-name") to be easily searchable. You might want to look into that. Stemming also eliminates the need for this option even further.
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              thanks for your help
              by the way, yes , i wanna search for "hat" to find "what", "that", "hatch"
              b coz i wanna the result list like Google search , but only find in my website
              And now if i search a traditional chinese word , it will highlight all of the string(sentence)
              what should I do ?


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                Google doesn't do wild card searching. So the behaviour will not be like Google at all if you do this. Which is one reasons auto wildcards can confuse people.


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                  ok...so now if i find chinese words like "香港",
                  the result now "香港政府", "香港迪士尼樂園"
                  all the words will be highlighted also

                  but i wanna the result like this
                  so...what should i do....
                  many thanks


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                    OK, so it is now finally apparent that you are actually indexing Chinese words (it would really help if you mentioned this from the beginning as opposed to giving us unrelated examples like "book" in your above posts). The more descriptive and accurate your question, the more practical our answers will be.

                    The answer however, is still the same as above. V6 has a different highlighting method which ensures it highlights the occurrence of a word (which V5 failed to do before), but it will highlight more than the characters matched in a substring situation.

                    In a Chinese/Asian language situation, I can understand that this is undesirable. We will consider adding an option to toggle between this new highlighting method and the old one, for a future release.
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                      thanks for you help again
                      but the examples "book" is realated, that is for English searching
                      now both of English and Chinese in my website need to be indexed...so that's why I gave two language example
                      and it works in v5..i mean the highlight of the result...
                      would u consider to add an option for the highlight(for substring searching, like v5)
                      if so, it can have the v6 highlighted the whole word and the v5 higtlighted the word you inputed
                      then user can choose the higtlighting of result what they want