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  • javascript local to php remote

    i'm a little confused as to the workflow. i am still designing my site locally in dreamweaver. i assume i do the search index locally (javascript), then lay out my results page using css to make it look good. once happy with that, i add search boxes to all my pages and finish the site design. i run the indexer wizard again and this time select php platform, and upload the complete site to the server. my search is now using search.php rather than search.html so what will happen to the results page layout i did in css? i know nothing about php only that it is running on the web server.

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    If you are going to use PHP then I think it makes sense to stick with PHP for the entire process.

    For testing either upload the files to the server in a temporary folder, or install a local test server (e.g. Apache & PHP, which are both free).

    If you are a professional web developer a local test server can save you a lot of time and is worth setting up. There is a post on Whirlpool about options for doing this.