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"Template file has different charset"?

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  • "Template file has different charset"?

    Got the error message below. What does it mean and what do I do?


    "Template file has different charset

    The existing template file in the output folder does not use the same encoding or character set specified ("windows-1252") in the Languages tab of the Configuration window.

    Please update your template file to correspond with the encoding for this set of index files."

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    The template file is the "search_template.html" file in your output folder (or "search.html" file if you are using the JavaScript platform).

    There is a meta tag which specifies the chararacter set (aka encoding) of the page, and what is defined here is different to the encoding you have specified in Zoom (under "Configure"->"Languages"). You need to change this to match. Since it is possible that your template file is already modified and customized by you, Zoom can't do this for you.

    If you are using a web page authoring program (such as Dreamweaver), then simply opening up the template page and changing the charset/encoding in the page properties should have the same effect as changing the meta tag directly in the HTML.
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