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  • report.php time zone

    The time of a search shown in Raw Data in report.php looks as though it may be server time. I am in GMT + 10 hours but my server is in the USA which makes the time of a search look silly especially as 99% of my visitors are in my time zone.

    Is there a way to change the search time shown?

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    I can answer my own question:

    In report.php put the following line at the top just below the commented out lines:
    date_default_timezone_set ("Australia/Queensland");

    In search.php put the same line at the top just below the commented out lines.

    The list of supported time zones can be found at http://au.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php.

    It would be nice if this were an option when setting Zoom up.


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      Yes, the search log records the time the search was done on the server. Not the time zone of the visitor to the site, which would vary from one visitor to the next, even amongst just the Australian visitors.


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        Very true and thanks for replying. It's more meaningful for me to see the time as it is here rather than in, say, New York time even if the visitor is in Western Australia.

        I now see the difficulty, though, in making it an option when setting up the program. Me and my big mouth.