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Skip words only in specific folders?

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  • Skip words only in specific folders?

    Is this possible? I'd like to skip some words in folders dealing with API libraries, but not skip those words in the regular client/server help.

    I guess if I had to, I could run a script to add ZOOMSTOP/ZOOMRESTART to each instance of the word in those folders, but since there are many words like this, entering them once in a list would certainly be more elegant.

    [If not now, perhaps in Version 7?]


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    I can't think of any way to restrict the skipping of certain words within certain folders. It's a rather obscure request and we've never had anyone else ask for this before.

    Perhaps you can split off the index so that these API folders can be indexed seperately from the main index (by skipping these folders in your main index). And provide the user with two different search options (you could create two search forms on the same page, one to search the main index, and the other to search the API).
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      OK, Ray, thanks.