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Html files excluded if other plugins included during indexing

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  • Html files excluded if other plugins included during indexing

    I have just purchased and installed version 6 of Zoom search. I then used it on one of my intranet sites. I have a problem though. I also downloaded and have installed the plugins. Now, if during indexing I include various extensions like pdf, doc, etc, then when I perform a search, my html files don't appear on the search results. However if I exclude those extensions during indexing, then my html files appears but obviously documents are excluded. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

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    Zoom should index files that are included in your "Scan Extensions" list. Please make sure that extension for your html page is on the list (.htm, .html, .php, etc).

    At the beginning of indexing, the log will list the extensions that it will scan. The log is also a good place to check what Zoom skips is by looking at the log. There should be a message for each file it skips and a reason (i.e. "blocked by extension list", "base url does not match")

    Please take a look at the log after indexing and it might clue you in what exactly is happening.


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      Are you using Zoom in spider mode or offline mode?

      If need be you could E-Mail us the log file.


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        Thanks for the feedback. I went through the logfile and discovered what the problem was. It was reaching the maximum file numbers and hence all html were not indexed. When I only indexed the html files, they were fewer and so they were all picked up. However when I included the docs and pdf's then the number increased and as luck may have it, the html files were probaly scanned last and hence missed out on the being included. I went in and changed the maximum file number variable and now the html files are also included.