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Category Questions: number imported and character limits

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  • Category Questions: number imported and character limits

    We are trying to add a custom meta field and are running into some problems with the character limit. What is the character limit on the drop down values and is there a way to extend it?

    We also tried to import categories from a CSV file. Our CSV file had 53 categories listed but only 22 were imported. Is there a way to extend the number that we can import?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You can have a maximum of 254 values in one single dropdown list (which is generally too much to scroll around with if you come to think of it). Each dropdown value can be 64 characters in length. And sorry, no, this cannot be extended.

    You can have up to 65,535 categories. So there must have been some other reason those categories were dropped, such as there being something wrong with the CSV file format. Did you use the pipe character somewhere in the text file (this should be rejected with an error message though). If you still have trouble working out why, e-mail us the CSV file you are trying to import.
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