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Categories not working.

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  • Categories not working.

    I'm using version 6.0 and the ASP.NET server control. I have a number of pages with a ZOOMCATEGORY meta tag in the <head> element, like so:

    <meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY" content="Hoofdmenu 2" />

    On the Categories tab, I have checked "Enable categories" and "Catch files not belonging to a category in:". "Show category breakdown in search results" is checked by default, but disabled. (Why?) I have no categories specified by pattern.

    When I run the indexer and use the search form generated by the indexer, the dropdown only contains an item for the "Misc." category. None of the category names defined in the meta tag appear.

    If I define a category by pattern, named "test" for example, the categories dropdown contains two items: "All" and "test". All search results that don't follow the pattern for test now appear under "All" instead of the "Misc" category, which is completely absent. Also, still none of my meta tag defined categories appear.

    What am I doing wrong? Why aren't the categories I defined in the meta tag appearing, and why is the "Misc" category gone when I define a category by pattern? And why is there no category breakdown in the search results?

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    Even if you are putting pages into categories using meta tags you need to define all the possible categories in advance (in the indexer).

    The "Show category breakdown in search results" box should only be greyed out if categories are disabled. Try toggling the "Enable categories" check box. Also ensure you are using the latest patch release.