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Having 2 Problems with the new Ver 6 upgarde with Search Results

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  • Having 2 Problems with the new Ver 6 upgarde with Search Results

    I just upgraded my 6.0 to the newest release, and now it seems not to work properly interms to the Results Page.

    Other conditions: We just upgraded our hosting to a unique IP to use SSL. We have not installed the SSL and Certificates yet.

    I am having two (2) problems I never had before:
    1. The search result will no longer insert into the original search page with its original page look. It creates its own nasty css. It worked before, why not now? The manual is absolutely silent on this, or impossibly hidden.

    2. The search engine seems to be working fine but it puts this warning at the very top of the search reslts page:

    Warning: fopen(http://www.pilonidal.org/search-pilonidal/logs/searchwords.log) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections in /home/pr253260/public_html/search-pilonidal/search.php on line 3163
    Two problems with this, one, it gives too much information to hackers and 2 this feels wrong and looks like an invitation for a SQL injection.

    Help Please on thise two issues.


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    What process are you suing the "insert" the search results into the "original search page". Is the original search page a script that you wrote?

    The search results are formatted with CSS. But there is nothing nasty (nor new) about this.

    See this FAQ for details,
    Q. How do I customize the appearance of my search results with CSS?

    If you are still having a problem can you post the URL of the page in question, so that we can see it.


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      For the 2nd question. You can setup logging incorrectly. If you want to turn on logging, then you need to log to a file. And not try and write a log file to a remote web page. (You can't write a file using HTTP).

      See this FAQ for details,
      Q. How do I enable search word logging?