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V7 beta release available for testing

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  • V7 beta release available for testing

    Zoom V7 development update

    An beta release of Zoom V7 is now available for testing.

    The new features available in the current build include,

    New features in V7 Beta
    • Autocomplete search box: As you type in the search box, suggestions based on popular searches will appear to autocomplete the query ("Configure"->"Autocomplete")

    • Date range searching: You can now specify a date range at search time with a dropdown date selection box. ("Configure"->"Search Page"->"Enable Date Range searching")
    • Improved ASP.NET Server Control supporting postbacks and viewstates (download V7 ASP.NET Server Control below). Only needed if you are using the ASP.NET platform option.
    • Email file formats now supported (.PST, .MBOX, .DBX, .EML, .MSG). Useful for Intranet search engines.
    • URL indexing: Now indexing the URL (domain name) and the path (folder names) in the URL. ("Configure"->"Indexing options")
    • Search by site: Now supporting "site:" and "url:" search syntax, e.g. a search for "beagle site:mydogs.com" will search for all beagles on the mydogs.com domain only.
    • Domain diversity: Ensure the first 3 results come from different domains ("Configure"->"Search Page"). Useful for search engines indexing more than one site.
    • Scan files with unknown extensions: Analyzes files of unrecognizable file extensions to determine how to index them. Useful on "deep searching" external web sites.
    • Cross platform: Mac and Linux support is coming. The Engine itself has now been ported to Mac and Linux, while the under interface it still a work in progress.

    Beta Details and a download are can be found on this page,
    < Beta link removed as beta is finished >
    You can get the finished V7 Zoom software here.

    If you purchase V6 at any time 6 months before the V7 release, then the upgrade to V7 will be free. Otherwise it will be a discounted upgrade.

    Currently V6 keys will work in the V7 Beta release. For the final V7 build, new keys will be required.

    UPDATE #1: 1/June/2013. A beta release is now available and this post has been updated to remove references to the Alpha

    UPDATE #2:
    30/April/2014. Final release is now out

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    Some usage notes on the new features.

    Date picker popup selector (zoom_datepicker.js)
    This is a Javascript that can be used by Zoom to provide a date selector popup window in your search form. This is necessary if you have enabled date range searching (to find pages within a certain date range).
    Simply enable the option in the Indexer ("Configure"->"Search page"->"Enable Date Range searching") and re-index. Then upload "zoom_datepicker.js" to the same folder that you have uploaded your search files to so that it is in the same folder as your ZDAT files. That should be all you need to do.

    If you are unable to host the "zoom_datepicker.js" files in the same folder as the search files (for example, if you are using CGI and your "cgi-bin" folder does not allow ".js" files to be hosted), then you will need to specify an alternative path for the date picker script ("Configure"->"Advanced"->"AlternateDatePicker path"). You will need to re-index for this change to take effect. Then, you will need to upload the "zoom_datepicker.js" file to the folder specified by your custom path.

    Date picker default CSS file (zoom_datepicker.css)
    This is a default CSS file for the date picker popup selector described above. You can simply link to this CSS file where you want to use the date picker control (e.g. search_template.html or search.html) with a tag such as this:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="zoom_datepicker.css" type="text/css">
    Alternatively, you can simply copy the contents of this file and paste it into your own CSS file or the <style>...</style> section of your page. Of course, you can modify the CSS here to customize the appearance of the date picker window.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine


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      This can be found under "Configure"->"Autocomplete".

      When this is enabled, the list of words here will be suggested in real-time as they type into the search box.

      It is most effective if you check the option to "Include top x most popular search terms from Statistics log file" and provide it with a file path or URL to the statistics log file (created in "Configure"->"Advanced").

      It will create an additional .zdat file, "zoom_autocomplete.zdat", and also include a "zoom_autocomplete.js" file in the output folder. These files must all be uploaded to the server along with your other index files.

      There is also a "zoom_autocomplete.css" file which defines the appearance of the autocomplete dropdown box. You can also adjust this accordingly.

      The feature will work best if A) you have a server that is fairly fast and B) there is reasonable low latency between the client and the server. If you have a slow machine with high latency means that auto-complete might not keep up with the user's typing speed.

      This feature is also know as auto-suggest.
      Wrensoft Web Software
      Sydney, Australia
      Zoom Search Engine


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        Additional parameters for Automatic login:
        Under "Configure"->"Authentication" you can now specify additional parameters besides just the login and password. This is important if your authentication mechanism requires extra parameters to identify that a "Login" button was pressed instead of a "Register" button, for example. So if it needs an extra parameter named "btnPressed" with a value of "Login" and perhaps another parameter named "formSel" with a value of "2" then the additional parameter field should be specified as "btnPressed=Login&formSel=2".
        Wrensoft Web Software
        Sydney, Australia
        Zoom Search Engine


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          autocomplete feature

          Autocomplete is a great idea! Suggestion: Allow for META tag includes for autocomplete entries, this would allow product names or codes to be included in the autocomplete list


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            Auto complete will be great feature for sure.

            Every body would like it and would help to multiply your market.

            However, scheduling feature needs to be improved so as to work smoothly with plesk panel.


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              You can find details about scheduling here.
              Q. How do I schedule Zoom to automatically index on a regular basis?


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                V7 Alpha 2 has been released. It will expire 1/March/2012. You can download from here.

                As before, a new build will be available from here on or before the expiry date.
                Wrensoft Web Software
                Sydney, Australia
                Zoom Search Engine


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                  Drop down box

                  I'm no expert, so this may have already been addressed. But will the new version have a drop down box feature. For instance if I wanted to allow searches to select a country first, will there be an option to have this.


                  • #10
                    There is already a categories feature in V6 that will allow a drop down selection.


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                      Latest alpha release is now available (V7 Alpha 3):

                      This is a big change because we have replaced the existing use of the Windows WinInet module for HTTP connections. This should effectively provide us with a faster spidering mode and also address intermittent crash issues that are part of Microsoft's WinInet module that we could not previously fix directly (most notably this issue causing crashes on Windows Server 2003).

                      Please let us know if you come across any issues with the new release.
                      Wrensoft Web Software
                      Sydney, Australia
                      Zoom Search Engine


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                        Just put up the OpenDocument plugin download link (see above). The new V7 alpha supports ODT files used by OpenOffice, KOffice, Google Docs, and more.
                        Wrensoft Web Software
                        Sydney, Australia
                        Zoom Search Engine


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                          Does that mean even I have purchased the enterprise edition V6.0, I still have to re-purchase another enterprise V7.0 edition license to have it upgraded fully??
                          Kind regards,
                          Tsui Jenkin
                          President of Hinsmart (hinsmart.com)


                          • #14

                            V7 is not yet released. We are still doing development. We expect to still be doing development for a couple more months at least.

                            When it does get released, there will be a free upgrade for people who purchased the software in the 6 months prior to the release date. For others who purchased a long time back there will be a discounted upgrade.


                            • #15
                              As we provide our WebHelp to multiple customers (for installation on their own servers) will the Autocomplete feature work seamlessly?

                              That is, will each customer's experience be restricted to their users' search actions, since they will each be starting with fresh log and zdat files?

                              And what about upgrades (to the help along with our product)? Will we require our customers to backup those files and use them to overwrite the new ones?