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Problem compiling search.cgi for platform 64

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  • Problem compiling search.cgi for platform 64


    Recently I have changed my server and I need to compile my search for linux 64 bit because I recive error "Premature script.." when trying to upload 32 so I checked my httpd.conf as suggested in help and all seems to be ok then I contacted my vps provider and they told me my script is 32 bit compiled and need to be 64

    Obviously when am trying to use 64 bit version software always is hanging just on the end of job. and windows says: "zoom can't continue"

    Any help will be much appreciated

    Thank you very much in advance

    Regards, isd

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    What version of Zoom are you using?
    Why do you think you need to compile it yourself?
    Why do you think you a 64bit version of the search.cgi (32bit binaries should run OK on 64bit).

    I recive error "Premature script.."
    I think you mean, "Premature end of script headers" ?
    This error is more commonly associated with a server configuration issue. See,
    We have seen many hosting companies making the incorrect assumption that a CGI is always a Perl script and trying to execute a binary executable as a Perl script, resulting in this error.


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      I'm sorry for missing a version but posting in v6 was clear for me, OK I use v.6.0.1028.

      Maybe misunderstanding expression by compiling in this case I understand creating with particular version so I thought about "Zoom 64 bit"

      I wanted because my host told me my script is 32 bit and my vps runs on 64 bit and this is a reason why is not working, so in first step I did checked everything mentioned in the link you posted, after I verify all my setup I decide to use version for 64 bit machines and the I realize I cant finish reindexing because Zoom stops (checked few times) It runs on windows 7 if this is important for future design of zoom I will send you a report or I can make again short test index with equal setup and then send you what ever you tell me to send, but problem is I cant see any error, Zomm getting to the end of the list stops and windows says : this program can't continue

      However when I couldn't create index with zoom 64 bit I realized that my hosting provider probably needs to install 32 bit libraries so I suggested to do so and in part problem is resolved everything works (except zoom 64 bit)



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        So the initial problem of getting the 32bit search.cgi to run on 64bit Linux is resolved it seems. As a side note the CGI isn't technically a script. It is C++ code compiled into a binary executable (a separate one for Windows, Linux and BSD Unix).

        If the 64bit version of the Windows indexing software is not working then this is worth further investigation. if you could E-mail us your Zoom configuration file and the log that would be good. You can turn on logging from the "Index log" configuration window in Zoom.