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How to disable Zoom error message on result page?

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  • How to disable Zoom error message on result page?

    Hi all,

    is it possible to disable a zoom error message like "Unable to write to log file ...", so that this message will not be displayed on result page and write this message in php-error log?

    I didn't find anything about that.

    Many thanks

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    The best way would probably is to solve the error, if you enabled logging in your configuration, then make sure you have set the correct permissions for the log files, you can find more information on the following page, http://www.wrensoft.com/zoom/support/logging.html

    Otherwise, if you don't care for logging, then you can turn it off in the configuration. This will require a reindex and upload of the new files for the setting to take effect.


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      many thanks. The log-file-problem are solved, but
      does't it mean, if there's possible to write into log-file, that any other error messages will written into log-file and not into content?
      We don't want see any error-message in content on our website.

      Many thanks.



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        First of all, to clarify, the "log file" and "logging" being mentioned in post #1 and #2 is a log of the user entered search queries. That is, the search words people have been entering into your search page. No error messages are saved into this log file. It is only for reference to see what people are searching for, and what they are failing to find results for, so you can adjust your search engine (or website) to cater to your visitors.

        But for the log file you are describing in post #3, you are after an "error log". Generally speaking, Zoom, after the initial configuration phase, does not have any error messages. Once you have a working configuration (e.g. you have configured the search word logging, template files, uploaded the correct index files), then there should be no more error messages. So it would not be very useful to have an error log in that sense.

        Having said that, there are a number of situations which you should avoid. For example, when you re-index the website and then you upload your index files -- if you fail to upload all the index files or you end up corrupting the index, then errors may occur. These errors will appear on the search page if you have left the index corrupted (which you should not), but I don't see why this is useful to suppress. For example, if you have a broken link on your website, an end user would still expect to see a "File Not Found" error, and not a blank page. Or worst yet, a "Search results for: blah ... " and then the page ends prematurely. This would not be useful. It would make more sense if an useful error is displayed.
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