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Zoom v6 w/NGINX 1.5.6 on Windows via FastCGI?

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  • Zoom v6 w/NGINX 1.5.6 on Windows via FastCGI?

    Hi there!

    Currently, we are testing NGINX as an alternative to Apache on our Windows Server 2008 system. Because of our many files, we are using Zoom's cgi option, which we now want to use w/NGINX.

    Is there any manual/how-to on this topics? What should my nginx.conf look like etc?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Kind Regards!

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    I don't think the question of Zoom on NGINX on Windows via FastCGI (or CGI) has come up before.

    Note that FastCGI is not what is used in general with Zoom on Apache. Plain old CGI is what is used.

    We have done some experimental FastCGI private release builds a couple of years back and it does give a good boost in performance compared to CGI. But the setup and ongoing maintenance for FastCGI is MUCH more complex that with CGI.

    So I would suggest not trying to get FastCGI working, but rather initially get just plain old CGI working. The CGI performance has been fast enough for all of our customers except maybe the 0.01% of people with with several million files to search.